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Thursday, June 21, 2018

5 Tips for a healthy and successful relationship


Many have argued that relationships are hard, and take efforts to maintain, and sometimes disappoint you. There are few simple tips for having a successful and healthy relationship.
Avoid making assumptions.
People often assume that knowing their partner for a while can make them to predict how their partner is going to react. Partners who are in relationship  may stop being curious about each other, and in fact may be making incorrect assumptions about each other that can lead to misunderstanding. Also, people’s thoughts and experiences or even who they are can change over time. When partners make assumptions about each other they may fail to acknowledge how each has grown over time and this can create distance between them.  It is advisable to always communicate about feelings, don’t hide your reactions, and always express what it is you need from your partner.
Focus on the positive
Often times, relationship partners focus on the flaws on each other instead of the positive aspect of the partner, which perpetuates negative feelings about the relationship. It is better to look for any positive aspect of your partner. If you have experienced a lot of break-ups in your past relationship, this may be your challenge initially. If you can find one thing you can appreciate about your partner, which will be a perfect start. It may be his or her patience or smartness. This can be helpful to connect the quality with an experience you have had with them. It won’t be out of place to also reference those qualities that initially attracted you to your partner.
Have fun together and stay together.
Relationship partners often get busy making money but forget to make life. Take out time to plan weekly romantic dates. Partners can engage in activities such as biking, skating, sight-seeing or long walk. You can also learn something new together as partners such as cooking, baking, dance class. You can remove yourself from the everyday distractions at home and enjoy a fun new environment together. Diversity is the key to a strong relationship because things never get stale. By so doing, you always have something to look forward to.
Maintain your individuality.

Each person in a healthy relationship needs to know who they are and what makes them happy. Often times, when people begin a relationship, they try to please the other person and neglect themselves in order to begin the relationship. If both people have a healthy sense of self they can develop a good relationship by bringing their similar qualities as well as their differences to the relationship, and they won’t have one person dominate or overshadow the other.
Choose the right person
 If you are desirous to know the key to having a healthy relationship, it comes down to who you choose to be your partner. Choosing the right person with whom to build a relationship and share your life is the starting point. They must be attractive and of good company, they must also have a good heart to treat you well, and want to be with you. Please note that all emphasis should not be placed on attraction and connection. The fact is that if you’re only just physically attracted to someone and don’t really enjoy spending time with them outside of the bedroom or if you don’t fully trust, accept, or respect them, the relationship will struggle to be survive. Find someone else.
Many people will say  that relationships are work, and there’s some truth to that, but it’s also trivializing the matter. Relationships, and fostering healthy relationships, are about more than simply working at it. Your relationships are your life, they are living, evolving things just as you are. And as a result they should grow and change just as you do. As you grow in your relationship, keep in mind these five simple relationship tips.

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