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Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Are men attracted to women with facial mole?


There is this notion that most men are attracted to women with facial mole. This has made women who want it so badly to go as far as faking it just to look charming and get the attention of their male counterpart.
Moles occur when cells in the skin grow in a cluster instead of being spread throughout the skin. Mole can occur anywhere in our skin. But the dark mole by the mouth is considered unique and a ‘’beauty mark’’.
 Some many beautiful women are known for their prominent facial mole .Marilyn Monroe, Gabriel Bouys are few celebrities with moles. They don’t hide them with their make-up.
In our society today, women go about with fake facial mole to show strong desire for such mark in their faces.
Studies have shown that moles do not require sunlight in order to form, sun exposure does tend to increase the number of moles a person has or cause it to darken and grow larger.
In fact, in places like china, moles have fortuitous meaning. It is believed that women with facial moles will have fame and fortune. Women with natural mole should not worry because it’s a matter of time; they will be famous and rich. This may be the reason for the increase in fake facial mole among women.
Here are some Reasons why facial moles are considered attractive:
It makes one face to has its own sex appeal
It gives you  gorgeous smiles
Dimples with mole are deadly combination
It draws attention to your mouth

Therefore,  the next time you meet a lady with facial mole weather fake or natural, give her a lovely smile.

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