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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Has video Assistant Referee(VAR) made football look Unnatural?


VAR (Video Assistant Referee ) was introduced to reduce the number of officiating errors in matches.
It uses a team of officials based in a screening room to watch the match and review certain decisions made by the on-pitch referee. 
Currently in FIFA football tournaments, only four types of decisions are able to use VAR: penalties, goals, red cards and cases of mistaken identity.
To activate the system for one of these decisions, the center referee can call for VAR assistance.
The team of officials then review the incident in a control room. 
The officials at the control room  have access to more than 30 different camera angles, including eight in super slow motion and four in ultra slow motion. 
Referees then wait to be told what to do, which sometimes includes going to review a decision themselves on an off-pitch monitor.
The VAR team can communicate with the center referee via a microphone and an earpiece.
The combination of camera angles, computers and slow motion cameras is providing referees with all the tools for good decision making.
One will say that the  break in play is new to football, and the reluctance to accept extended pauses is putting pressure on the system to make the right decision .
Imagine supporting your favorite team at the ongoing FIFA tournament  and you have to hold off celebrating a goal until  a confirmation is received from VAR.
This act hampers the excitement and the spirit of the game. 
The fear is that as the relentless progress of technology continues, football might just lose the magic that made it so special.

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