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Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Tips for safety of kids at home


Often times Parents trivialize kids’ safety in the home. We leave the safety of our kids to maid and caregivers. As kids grow, they learn many things. They would love to touch and feel the things they see around them, which helps their minds and body to develop. They some sustain injuries from home accidents that often lead to permanent deformities. Hence, it is very important that you teach about safety at home to kids. Here are some tips for your kids’ safety.

Do not Leave Your Kids Alone in the Water:
Kids love to splash in the water, whether it is a bath tub or a swimming pool. Though it is a fun time, chances of accidents like drowning can occur in water tubs or pools. Make sure the water level is not more than the waist line of your kid. Never leave your kids unattended, even for a second when the phone rings or doorbell rings. Leave strict instructions to your kids that there must be no pushing while enjoying the bathtub.
Always remember EDITH (Exit Drill in The Home)
Do this often from the living room to outside of the house. Walk briskly from the kitchen to your safe muster point. Don’t forget to check your toilet, children room as you exit (Junior or Mimi may be there) and close all door behind you as you exit

Take detergent away from Your Kids:
All cleaning products and detergent have dangerous chemicals in them which make it highly poisonous if swallowed. Ensure there are no cleaning products in and around the rooms where your kids can reach. Install doors to all your cabinets and keep them locked after every use. Never store these detergents as food in disguise or in food containers.

Keep The Sleeping Areas of Your Child Uncovered:
If you have an infant at home, make sure that you keep the crib as bare as possible because soft pillows, stuffed dolls or lots of bed covers might suffocate your baby accidentally.

Protect All the Electrical Outlets and bare Wires at Home:
Make sure that all electrical sockets which you might not be using at the moment are covered. Throw away the electrical gadgets or repair the electric cords which are damaged. Insulate the bare wires or fix them using casing to cover it. Teach kids about the dangers of electric shock and the different between a conductor and insulator.

Put Away sharp objects:
If you have a sharp object at home, it is your full responsibility to make sure they are locked in a safe place which cannot be accessed by your kids easily. Teach your kids about the dangers of using them.

Set a Smoke Alarm At Home:
Install a smoke alarm at home and always check whether it is working fine. Teach your kids about fire alarm, its beep sound and have a fire escape plan cleared when. It is important to install gas detector to signal when there are gas leakages from the kitchen.

Safety while Playing with a Pet:
Pets are very affectionate but some actions of your kids like pulling the tail or the ear can piss them off. Teach your kids to be gentle with the pet and refrain from playing rough games with the pet. Tell them not to go near the dog when he is having his food or try to take away a treat or bone from his mouth. Warn your child to stay away from the pet, which is growling or showing off his teeth as it would harm them.

Better Safe than Sorry:
To make sure that your kid is safe, learn first aid and keep a kit handy; it is also a good idea to learn CPR or cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Have the contact numbers of your friends, neighbors, pediatrician, Police, Neighborhood watch, etc., written on a big sheet on the wall, apart from storing it in the phone. If your child is old enough to know your home address, then teach him to dial such emergency numbers.
No matter how careful you are, it is essential that you stay prepared in case there is an emergency condition. Fortunately, mishaps or accidents can certainly be avoided through preventive measures and by educating your kids about safety rules to be followed at home . Happy safe parenting!

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